About the Company

Aditya Translink Pvt.Limited (ATPL) was incorporated as a private limited company on 2nd January, 1995 with its registered office at 9 India Exchange Place, 3rd Floor, Kolkata. The promoters of the company have taken control of the 100 years old jute unit – Shyamnagar Jute Mill Co. Limited owned by Thomas Duff. The factory is located at Bhadreswar in the district of Hooghly. The unit has facilities to manufacture jute Fabrics, Jute Yarns and Jute Bags with an installed capacity of 150 tonnes per day.

The main promoter of the company is Shri R S Poddar. Shri Poddar, aged around 68 years, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more that 35 years of experience in Jute Industry. Other promoter also has experience in the running of the jute mill.

The company is engaged in manufacturing of Jute Yarn, Jute Fabrics, Jute Bags and various types of jute products as per customer order and specifications. The present annual installed capacity of the mill has been estimated at 52,000 MT on the basis of 106 fine side frames and 16 Coarse Side Frames.

Location Advantages

The jute mill has been strategically located at Bhadreswar in the district of Hooghly, West Bengal. The location offers the following advantages:

  • Easy accessibility to various inputs like raw jute in Hooghly district itself.
  • The mill is located on G T Road Road.
  • The nearest port is Kolkata port which is around 40 kms from the unit.
  • The nearest railway station is Bhadreswar Station with Railway Siding which is around 1 km from the unit.
  • There is adequate availability of skilled and unskilled personnel in the area.
  • The site is well connected by roadways, railways and waterways with all major cities of the country and also the city of Kolkata, hub of the country for jute trade is just 50 kms away from the site.